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Seth Meyers Takes a Peek Into Trump’s Christmas Gift: a Tax Cut for the Wealthy

On Wednesday, congressional Republicans passed a new tax bill, so Seth Meyers took a “Closer Look” at the plan President Trump has been marketing as a “Christmas gift to the middle class.” The Late Night host was not particularly impressed with this holiday present. “Republicans passed a sweeping overhaul of the tax code that will overwhelmingly benefit corporations and the wealthy, amounting to nothing less than a brazen heist of the country,” Meyers said. In the segment, he eviscerated the bill, pointing to a study that revealed the middle class would on average gain a tax cut of about $900 a year, or about seven months worth of gas, while those in the top one percent would get a tax cut of about $50,000, or the cost of a new Mercedes coupe. Meyers also shared his doubts about Trump’s prior claims that the tax bill would mean more taxes for the president, citing several provisions that could benefit the politician and his real-estate empire.

Seth Meyers Calls GOP Tax Cut a Christmas Gift for Wealthy