Seth Meyers Checks in on Secretary of Energy Rick Perry on ‘Late Night’

Here’s a clip from last night’s Late Night, where Seth Meyers takes a break from the regular breaking news to check in on how Rick Perry is doing these days over at the Department of Energy – an agency he had no previous experience with, said in 2011 he wanted to abolish, and meant that one of Perry’s new job responsibilities includes overseeing the United States’ nuclear arsenal. “Imagine finding out after you accepted a job that the job description included managing nuclear weapons,” Meyers says. “I got pissed when I found out mine included animal segments.” And from making no effort to learn how the Department of Energy works to getting fooled by Russian pranksters posing as the Ukrainian Prime Minister, Perry is showing no signs of competence at the new gig. “Imagine finding out your whole livelihood came down to Rick Perry. It’s like when the Vietnam War came down to Forrest Gump.”

Seth Meyers Checks in on Secretary of Energy Rick […]