cut for time

SNL Wonders How Far You’ll Go for That Sweet, Sweet New Year’s Eve Kiss in Cut-for-Time Sketch

Anyone planning to be in some kind, any kind of romantic relationship on New Year’s Eve, congrats. You’ve done it. Anyone else, hope you have a terrible secret to whisper to a supernatural beast guardian after journeying through the sewer to a new dimension, or else you might as well stay home and catch up on The Good Doctor. In a newly released cut-for-time sketch, Kyle Mooney guides Beck Bennett to the ends of the Earth (and way, way beyond) with the promise of a year-ending smooch. If only Beck could have made out with the weird wolf-looking guard and saved himself the run around. Though, perhaps the same could be said for all of us out here in the dating pool. Merry Almost-Two-Weeks-Before-New-Year’s, everyone!

SNL Cut Sketch Asks How Far You’ll Go for a New Year’s Kiss