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There’s No Love Lost Between SNL’s Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner

Amidst all of the chaos and terror 2017 brought forth for our country, Donald Trump thought it would be a swell idea to hold a Christmas tree-trimming event — not a euphemism — for his White House VIPs. It’s just too bad everyone seems to be having a miserable time. Kellyanne Conway and her under-eye bags want to leave and never come back; Mike Pence is slurring his speech due to too many ginger ales; and Omarosa is attempting to break through a window to get her job back. Ivanka Trump, meanwhile, is getting ready to get on with her life without her darling husband by her side: “He’s packing a go-bag before the FBI arrives. I’ll always remember the one time I heard him talk.” She doesn’t seem too sad about it, frankly.

SNL’s Ivanka Trump Is Ready to Live Without Jared Kushner