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Terry Crews Says WME Is Spying on His Family Amid Sexual-Assault Case

Photo: Paula Lobo/ABC

As Terry Crews sues WME agent Adam Venit for sexual assault, the actor says his family is being “tracked and possibly bugged” by the agency. In a series of tweets, Crews alleges that the company asked Russell Simmons (also facing a string of sexual assault allegations) to push Crews to drop his accusation against Venit, whom he says groped him at an industry party last year. Crews also alleges that someone hacked into a family computer, and that it was related to his sexual-assault case. “LAPD task force detectives let me know these people don’t play fair. There are a lot of secrets to protect, and they will do anything to keep them,” Crews tweeted. “The town is compromised. But me, and my team, are not.” Crews also alleges TMZ is in cahoots with studios and agencies like WME, but that the site cut out his criticism of its work in a recent interview.

Venit, formerly the head of WME’s motion picture group, took a brief leave of absence after Crews’s accusation, and returned to work in late November. Crews has fired WME.

Terry Crews: WME Is Spying on My Family Amid Assault Case