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The Crown’s Matt Smith Has His Own Hollywood Objectification Story

Photo: John Phillips/Getty Images

Hoping to lend his voice as an ally to the countless number of women who have opened up about sexual harassment and assault at the hands of prominent industry men, The Crown’s Matt Smith has revealed he too has had unpleasant, morally demeaning interactions with men in Hollywood. “The conversation shouldn’t stop at this industry just because these are ‘celebrities’ who we know about who are involved. It has to be broader,” Smith explained to the U.K.’s Telegraph. “People in other industries have to have a platform to be heard as well. What happens to the cleaner or the lady who works in a clothes shop? That’s not to say I haven’t been objectified before by men, because I have — just like women are objectified. It is not exclusive to them. This happens to men, too.” Smith demurred from elaborating on the nature of his experiences, only stressing that both sexes deal with a great deal of objectification in the industry.

The Crown’s Matt Smith Has a Hollywood Objectification Story