You Don’t Have to Go to a Galaxy Far, Far, Away to Know Star Wars: The Last Jedi Had a Massive Box-Office Opening

Photo: Lucasfilm

As the Porgs themselves would excitedly say … eh, we don’t know how to properly type that adorable sound. [Porg noises.] Surprising nobody at all, Star Wars: The Last Jedi had a remarkable box-office opening this weekend, owing to the fact that, you know, people are pretty obsessed with the Star Wars franchise. So how much are we talking about, exactly? Per Deadline, the film drew in an estimated $220 million in the domestic box office, split among Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday — and adding in the global tallies, it hit the $450 million mark. This would make The Last Jedi the second best domestic-gross opening weekend, led only by its predecessor Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which debuted to $248 million. Start placing your bets for what day it’ll cross the billion mark.

So, How Much Money Did The Last Jedi Make This Weekend?