‘The Opposition’s Josh Sharp and Aaron Jackson Profile Conservative Campus Group Turning Point USA

Here’s a clip from last night’s The Opposition with Jordan Klepper, where Citizen Journalists Aaron Jackson and Josh Sharp go undercover as Arizona State University students to learn more about Turning Point USA, a billionaire-funded conservative student campus group founded by non-college grad Charlie Kirk that trolls liberals by protesting things like “safe spaces” and affirmative action – the latter of which they decided to protest in the form of a super racist “affirmative action bake sale.” Kirk tells Jackson and Sharp that he views the bake sale as an “educational tool,” while Jackson takes it a step further: “We need someone to take action in an affirmative way to get more conservatives onto campus.” “Correct,” Kirk responds, “and that’s part of what Turning Point USA is doing.” Just more proof that when it comes to safe spaces, free speech, and affirmative action, conservatives love to fight to make sure it gets taken away from everyone – except them, of course.

‘The Opposition’s Josh Sharp and Aaron Jackson Profile […]