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Quentin Tarantino to Make the Most Intense Star Trek Ever With Writer of The Revenant

Mark L. Smith. Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Quentin Tarantino is known for giving himself generous breathing room between projects, and he always writes his own scripts. But that convention is going out the window with the Star Trek movie Tarantino is developing with Paramount. According to Deadline, Mark L. Smith, the screenwriter of The Revenant, will pen the script for Tarantino’s R-rated take on the exploits of the Enterprise. The director is developing his sci-fi passion project as he works on his American midcentury drama set in the year 1969, and he’s been on the hunt for a screenwriter since news of the alt-Trek got out earlier this month. What sounded like a flight of fancy when it was first announced is moving very fast — especially by Tarantino standards. In addition to Revenant, Smith has written horror films like Séance, Vacancy, and the American remake of the extremely violent French film, Martyrs. So basically, you’d be hard pressed to assemble a pair of sensibilities less traditionally Trek-like than Tarantino’s and Smith’s — and it makes one wonder if anyone on the Enterprise will end up having to chow down on bison liver.

The Revenant Screenwriter to Write Star Trek for Tarantino