Watch Joe Mantegna Explain How He Came Up With Fat Tony’s Voice on The Simpsons

Is it wrong to steal a loaf of bread to feed your starving family? Well, suppose you got a large starving family. Is it wrong to steal a truckload of bread to feed them? And what if your family don’t like bread? They like … behind-the scenes-stories from the making of The Simpsons? That’s why we stole (were politely offered and said yes to) the above clip, in which Joe Mantegna reveals how he came up with the voice for Fat Tony, Springfield’s waste-management specialist. It’s from the new DVD box set for the show’s 18th season (out December 5), which features Mantegna discussing his 26-year run as the character. It’s funny, because it’s true.

The Story Behind Fat Tony’s Voice on The Simpsons