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Tig Notaro Felt ‘Huge Relief’ When Louis C.K. Was Ousted for Sexual Harassment

Anyone who has followed comedian Tig Notaro’s response to Louis C.K.’s admitted pattern of sexual harassment probably won’t be surprised at her take on his exposure and swift professional ouster. “It’s a huge relief,” the One Mississippi actress said while visiting The View Monday. (The Louie star had been an executive producer on her Amazon show, even helping Notaro approach the streaming service with the project.)

Of course, Notaro explains now, the admission of guilt by C.K. came as no surprise; she had learned of the harassment allegations against C.K. soon after Amazon bought their series. “I found this out right after we sold the show, that this was happening,” Notaro said. “I started publicly trying to distance myself from him for almost two years now. Even though I knew firsthand from people, it wasn’t my place to call out names. It’s somebody else’s story. It’s for them to directly speak about, but I knew, for myself, I wanted to make sure,” said Notaro. When asked whether or not she had heard “rumors” about C.K.’s behavior in the past, Notaro said that while she hadn’t been specifically sexually harassed by the comedian, she nonetheless “had gotten firsthand confirmation.”

Tig Notaro Says Louis C.K.’s Removal ‘a Huge Relief’