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Watch The Florida Project’s 7-Year-old Star Explain Star Wars to Daisy Ridley

When 7-year-old The Florida Project star Brooklynn Prince showed up at a Los Angeles movie theater to do a post-screening Q&A for the film, she was wearing a black T-shirt with the names of her favorite actresses listed as hashtags: Elle (Fanning), Dakota (Fanning), Emma (Stone), and Daisy (Ridley). She did not expect, however, to have Ridley pop in as a guest moderator for the conversation. Prince’s surprised face is adorable, but somehow not as cute as her eventually explaining the legacy of Star Wars to the one and only Rey. Also, did you know Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman, and that she is very nice? Prince has all the Hollywood insider info.

Watch Brooklynn Prince Explain Star Wars to Daisy Ridley