Watch Some Clips from ‘The President Show’s One-Hour Special ‘I Came Up with Christmas’

Anthony Atamanuik’s President Show aired its one-hour special I Came Up with Christmas: A President Show Christmas last night on Comedy Central, where Atamanuik’s Trump was joined by a bunch of special guests including Adam Pally’s Don Jr., John Gemberling’s Steve Bannon, James Adomian’s Bernie Sanders, Bebe Neuwirth, and a bunch more, and in case you missed it when it aired, you can check out a bunch of clips from the special right here. In the above clip, Atamanuik closes out the show Magnolia-style with a heartfelt plea to the audience. Comedy Central hasn’t announced a renewal yet, but if this ends up being the last episode of The President Show, Atamanuik didn’t waste the opportunity to say goodbye through this call to action:

It’s not going to stop, so just give up… Unless Americans got more creative with their civil disobedience and used the Constitution as a weapon against the main person who’s sworn to uphold it. And can you imagine if the Democratic party actually rallied behind a coherent message that speaks to the working-class people I conned? They could even take my catchphrase: Make America Great Again. It’s the perfect slogan for whoever runs against me in 2020. Because I’m making America a lot of things, but great isn’t one of them.

Watch some more clips from the special below:

Watch Some Clips from ‘The President Show’s One-Hour […]