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SZA Reclaims Her Time in This New Solange-Directed Music Video for ‘The Weekend’

On “The Weekend,” SZA introduces a fresh idea: Men are bad, so how about we just time-share them? “Having one person seems like a restriction, like a limitation,” she told Vulture when Ctrl was first released. “Everyone’s used to being overstimulated.” It makes sense, then, that the music video is appropriately sparse. Directed by Solange, “The Weekend” video goes for something abstract: SZA twirls and poses around parking garages, balconies, and wide open spaces. “One opted out. An imbalance of power shifted the whole tide. It waved and waved,” the video’s intro reads. “The Weekend” isn’t a side-chick anthem; SZA is reclaiming her time, and Solange has stepped in with the best visual representation of it.

Watch SZA’s ‘The Weekend’ Music Video, Directed by Solange