Zach Broussard’s Annual “Top 1000 Comedians” List Is Here with the Perfect Twist

Since 2014, comedian Zach Broussard has been closing out the year with an annual list where he ranks the top 1000 comedians. The first year was a straight-up list on Tumblr, then in 2015 Broussard created a website for the list that forced comedians to click through the names one by one, then last year he took it a step further by renting ten billboards around Los Angeles displaying different groups of comedians featured on the list. This year’s list was announced during a video streamed live today on Jash’s YouTube channel, and in case you missed it, 2017’s list had the most appropriate twist ever: Every single comedian featured on the list this year also happens to be a woman. “That is pretty cool, I guess,” Broussard noted at the end of the livestream. “I guess men did not have a great year in comedy.”

If you’d like to know whether or not you made the list this year, you’ll have to watch the video above to find out. (For those who are curious, Rich Vos did get a small shout-out, but he didn’t have enough buzz to make the list this year. Hopefully he has better luck in 2018.)

Zach Broussard’s Annual “Top 1000 Comedians” List Is […]