Savvy Investor 50 Cent Reportedly Got Rich Again Thanks to Bitcoin

50 Cent.

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson became famous for rapping and surviving an insane number of gunshots. He has stayed famous for his reputation as a pretty damn savvy investor. According to sources who spoke with TMZ, 50 is now reaping the rewards of being an early believer in bitcoin. In 2014, the multi-hyphenate entertainer and businessman announced he would accept bitcoin as payment for his album Animal Ambition. You may have forgotten about Animal Ambition, but the rapper probably hasn’t: After taking in about 700 units of the cryptocurrency for his work, 50 just sat on the bitcoins. Now they’ve reportedly matured to somewhere between $7 and $8 million. You may remember also that 50 landed a massive payday back in 2010 when Coca-Cola Company purchased Glaceau, the owner of Vitamin Water. Thanks to an early investment in the flavored water, and a signature grape-flavored drink called Formula 50, the rapper is speculated to have received upward of $100 million for his stake in the deal.

It’s a good thing this bitcoin thing seems to be panning out, too, since 50 Cent declared bankruptcy in 2015.

Savvy Investor 50 Cent Reportedly Got Rich in Bitcoin