Aaron Jackson and Josh Sharp Explain How Alex Jones ‘Has His Finger Firmly on the Throbbing Pulse of Gay America’

Citing a recent study from GLAAD that found a decrease in LGBT acceptance and increase in LGBT discrimination for the first time since 2014, during last night’s The Opposition Jordan Klepper welcomed Citizen Journalists Josh Sharp and Aaron Jackson to expose the truth behind the study – by agreeing with Alex Jones’s argument that the LGBT suicide rate is so high because gay people are mean. “Alex Jones has his finger firmly on the throbbing pulse of gay America,” Sharp says. “And we should know, because we’re the gay friends, family, and neighbors he’s talking about,” Jackson adds, right before the two start insulting each other. “Oh my God, we were being mean, weren’t we? Don’t worry Jordan, we’re just gay,” Jackson explains. “Yeah, we would never be mean to you – you’re so sweet and straight, and to be clear, in no way complicit in creating a culture that adds to the stress of being gay in America,” Sharp says. And what do they think of all the statistics explaining the reasons behind the high LGBT suicide rate? “I swear, if I had a nickel for every time some lib brought up a stat, I’d pay my rent in coins every month.”

Aaron Jackson and Josh Sharp Explain How Alex Jones […]