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Here’s an Alternative It Scene That Is Technically Happier But Still Kinda Weird

Here’s a Sliding Doors scenario for you: What if, when Georgie dropped his boat in the rain in It, Pennywise wasn’t as quick on his feet? Instead of carpe diem-ing his way into a grisly murder — and all the jump scares that Georgie’s death caused — what if the clown politely returned the boat to Georgie? And the little guy just went about his business? That’s what happens in this It alternate scene that has a more concise ending: “See ya later! Bye!” Georgie says, boat in hand, leaving the clown behind. Maybe he goes on to a nice, normal adolescence where he binge-watches Freaks and Geeks, chugs beers at high-school parties, and talks back to his parents!

An Alternative It Scene That’s Happier But Still Weird