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Ann Curry Reveals Her Secret to Surviving All-Male Newsrooms: Profanity

It’s a man’s man’s man’s world, and there’s Ann Curry dropping F-bombs to get through it. After making Stephen Colbert blush by revealing her “baby crush” on him last night, the former Today host then told him something that might really make him clutch his pearls. Going over old war stories from her early days in the newsroom, she remembered being the first-ever female reporter for Oregon’s Channel 10, where she was once told by a male superior that women have no news judgement. To cater to their male insecurities about women in the workplace, Curry says she quickly realized she had to adopt the language of a boys’ club and told them, “No effing worry here,” full expletive included, though she’d been brought up never to curse. “That’s when I learned to cuss … and I never stopped,” she says. So pick your favorite four-letter swear and assume correctly that Curry has uttered them all many times in reaction to Matt Lauer.

Ann Curry Survived All-Male Newsrooms by Cursing Up a Storm