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Atlanta Will Be Back for Season 2, a.k.a. Robbin’ Season, on March 1

March is now robbin’ season. Photo: FX

Atlanta may have deserted us for far too long as Donald Glover went off to shoot (and reshoot) the Han Solo movie, but it’ll finally be back soon. FX announced today that Atlanta Robbin’ Season, will premiere on March 1 – so not exactly what Lakeith Stanfield promised, but close. Meanwhile, The Americans will return for its final season on March 28 and Trust, the TV series about the Getty kidnapping that was also covered in All the Money in the World, will premiere on March 25. At this rate, look forward to the third season of Atlanta in, just guessing, 2020.

Atlanta Season 2, a.k.a. Robbin’ Season, to Premiere March 1