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Barack Obama Once Shook What His Mama Give Him in Front of Prince

Wasting no opportunity to embarrass her dad, a few months before Prince died, Sasha Obama dragged Barack up onstage at an event where Prince was performing to dance with her. “This surprised me because she always mocks my dancing,” Barack explains to David Letterman in a clip from his new Netflix show. Not because he’s got two left feet or lacks the moves; they’re just, uh, dad moves. “You’ve gotta stay in the pocket. Because dads who get out of the pocket, they’re trying stuff that they can’t really pull off. They start doing like karate kicks.” Cool Dad Barack, though, he’s got style (and, as he’s consistently proven, excellent taste in music). Watch and learn, children. This is how grown folks get down:

Barack Obama Did His Signature Dad Moves in Front of Prince