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Barry Jenkins Watched Notting Hill on a Plane and Tweeted His Hilarious Commentary for You

Barry Jenkins. Photo: Kris Connor/Getty Images for The Academy of

On Wednesday night, Barry Jenkins and a few sips of Woodford Reserve were on a plane headed to LAX. The result of that flight, to the rest of the internet’s glee: 35 blissful tweets chronicling Jenkins’s peering over another passenger’s shoulder to dip into the ever-delightful Notting Hill. (Secondhand watching movies on planes is a favorite Vulture pastime, of course.) For the uncultured swine among us: The British rom-com has Julia Roberts turning in the second-best performance of her career as the jaded movie star that falls for a humble travel-bookshop owner, Hugh Grant. There’s also a Mischa Barton cameo, and important lines about being just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her. Jenkins goes through the gamut of human emotions on this watch: from praising Grant’s “English cat game” to stanning Rhys Ifans to being blinded by Roberts’s smile. Enjoy:

(For the record, he’s talking about Rhys Ifans.)

(Another aside: For the record, your crush Barry Jenkins’s first film, Medicine for Melancholy, movingly addresses gentrification in San Francisco, so maybe check it out.)

Fin! Same time next week? A polite request: You’ve Got Mail.

Barry Jenkins Livetweeted Notting Hill From a Plane