Bravo Will Reportedly Turn the Dirty John Podcast Into a Scripted Drama Anthology

Photo: Los Angeles Times

If you have yet to listen to or read Dirty John, a serialized investigative feature and podcast by L.A. Times reporter Chris Goffard, go ahead and proceed immediately to your nearest podcast app. Do not Google its contents. Do not get 200 spoilers. If you aren’t much for reading or listening, you can also wait until Bravo turns the true-crime tale of scam artist John Meehan and his victims into a scripted drama anthology. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bravo is “near a deal” for a two-season straight-to-series order. The first season would reportedly cover the events of the podcast, while the second would comprise “an entirely new and closed-ended story that has yet to be determined.” Over at Oxygen, Dirty John will also be explored via an unscripted series, which will reveal “the ‘real-life experiences’ of those manipulated and harassed by Meehan.” And if none of that sounds appealing, then, we’re sorry but you’re just never going to find out what happens in Dirty John. It’s as simple as that.

Bravo to Turn Dirty John Podcast Into a Drama Anthology