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This quiz originally ran before the finale of Breaking Bad in September 2013. We’re republishing it to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the show’s premiere.

After the Breaking Bad series finale, TV viewers won’t have Walter White and his merry meth-making pals to kick around anymore. So Vulture is pouring one out for our fallen Albuquerque homies in the form of a superfan quiz. The following 50 questions will test whether you truly know your Krazy-8 from your Combo or whether you’re better off relocating to Omaha and managing a Cinnabon. Ready? Let’s cook!

How Well Do You Know Breaking Bad?

Which song best describes the style of Saul Goodman’s office?
Spot the phrase that DID NOT come out of Jesse’s mouth:
Walt’s pre-Heisenberg vehicle, the one he runs over the gangsters in, is a…
What distracts Walt from absorbing the news of his cancer diagnosis?
What primitive weapon do Tuco’s murderous cousins favor?
What is Marie’s favorite color?
When Walt retired from the meth game, how much money did he walk away with?
Walt doesn’t call it the meth game, though. He calls it…
Where is Gus Fring from?
In the show’s final stretch, Jesse snorts meth off a CD to pump himself up before attempting to burn Walt’s house down. When else did he do this?
Gale Boetticher’s go-to karaoke song is…
Madrigal Electromotive’s fast-food division was working on a special condiment at the time of Gus Fring’s death. It was…
What stolen item first brings Marie’s kleptomania to a head?
What drug do we NOT see Jesse use?
Which dream of Skyler’s went unrealized?
Effects of meth per Breaking Bad may include all of the following except:
Brick and Looper director Rian Johnson stepped behind BrBa’s camera three times. Aside from season five’s “Ozymandias” and “Fifty-One,” which other episode did he direct?
Jesse’s girlfriend Andrea has a son. What’s his name?
Lydia Rodarte-Quayle helps Walt expand his empire overseas by shipping meth to…
Saul’s birth name was…
What kind of R.V. do Walt and Jesse cook meth in?
What’s Jesse’s old dream?
Saul’s goons are named…
Why does Tuco freak out and beat one of his men to death in the junkyard at the end of season one?
A season two episode opens with a music video about Heisenberg. What’s the song — and episode — called?
What was Mike Ehrmantraut’s career before working with Gus?
In season five’s “Hazard Pay,” Skyler walks in on Walt, Walter Jr., and Holly watching…
Who does Declan the drug dealer look like, according to one of Todd’s neo-Nazi uncles?
Who was poisoned with ricin?
Breaking Bad was nominated for Outstanding Drama Series four times at the Emmys. How many has times did it win?
Frustrated after failing to get into his family’s house with a mealtime peace-offering, Walt throws this on the roof:
Who was originally supposed to die by the end of season one?
What song does Skyler sing to Ted Beneke?
What’s Walt’s middle name?
What street do Walt and Skyler live on?
Which artist do Jesse and Jane go see an exhibition of?
Gale Boetticher turned his scientific talents toward all the following pursuits EXCEPT:
Saul consistently invokes this phrase-as-location:
What word does Jesse say over and over in the metal song we hear him sing from his days in TwaüghtHammër?
Before Gray Matter Technologies became a multi-billion dollar company, how much did Walt sell his share for?
Danny Trejo appeared as a cartel mole with a nickname based on his particular style of moving messages across the border. What was that nickname?
Bogdon sells Walt and Skyler the carwash “as-is,” but tries to leave with the first dollar his company ever earned. Walt takes the dollar and…
How many victims died in the Wayfarer 515 plane crash?
Breaking Bad loves point-of-view camera shots. We’ve seen them from the perspective of all of the following EXCEPT:
After being escaping Tuco’s desert hideout, Walt opts to walk into a grocery store naked. The doctors chalk it up as…
Jesse’s special brand of meth is called…
Which of Jesse’s acquaintances can play piano?
Gus kills his junior henchman, Victor, and replaces him with…
Breaking Bad has referenced this famous poet numerous times:
“They’re not rocks, Marie! They’re…”

Take Vulture’s Breaking Bad Superfan Quiz