golden globes 2018

Catt Sadler ‘Immensely Grateful’ Actresses Stood Up for Her on E!’s Red Carpet Coverage

Sadler. Photo: Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Fashion Island

The 2018 Golden Globes saw women calling “time’s up” on Hollywood’s systemic inequality, with the red carpet being no exception. The night got underway with various actresses criticizing E! live on its own network for paying former host Catt Sadler nearly half of what it paid her male counterpart, a discovery that led to her quitting the network last month. Debra Messing told Giuliana Rancic, “I was so shocked to hear that E! doesn’t believe in paying their female co-hosts the same as their male co-hosts. I miss Catt Sadler, and we stand with her.” Sarah Jessica Parker, Laura Dern, Eva Longoria, Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Brie Larson, Julianne Moore, and Amy Schumer also spoke up for Sadler on the red carpet and on social media. In a statement to “Page Six,” Sadler says she is “immensely grateful for the outpouring of support,” thanking each actress by name for “using their voices on behalf of us all.”

Catt Sadler ‘Immensely Grateful’ for Golden Globes Support