David Harbour Is Willing to Officiate a Fan’s Wedding If His Cake and Retweet Demands Are Met

Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for The Critics’ Choice Awards

David Harbour is, without a doubt, living a great life. The Stranger Things star is the next Hellboy, he has a phenomenal Instagram, and he’s fully leaning in on his sexy status. And, since Harbour is a stand-up guy, he’s willing to spread that joy to his fans — provided they are able to pull in the retweets he craves. Earlier this year, he joined a fan for her high-school yearbook photo shoot because she met his required demands (25,000 retweets of her request and he got to carry around a trombone in the pictures). Now he’s willing to officiate another woman’s wedding, but he’s set a heftier social-media price. She’ll need to get 125,000 retweets, and allow him to read an “esteemed love letter of my choosing.” Also he gets the very first piece of cake, so back off, flower girls and other children in attendance.

David Harbour Willing to Officiate Fan Wedding for Retweets