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Drake Made an Unfortunate Hitler Comparison in His New Song, Which Can Only Mean the Degrassi School System Failed Him

Oops. Photo: Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

In news that would make Drake’s rabbi disown him, it appears he may have mistakenly compared himself to Hitler in a failed attempt to sound threatening. As Genius points out, on his new song “Diplomatic Immunity,” released randomly over the weekend, he raps, “Violatin’ the Treaty of Versailles.” That’s tough-guy speak for “I do what I want.” Mere seconds later, he adds, “I refuse to comply with regulations.” This would all be inoffensive (and still pretty innocuous, considering it’s Drake) were it not for his choice of historic political references. A Genius contributor has given some context to the lyric in an annotation pointing out that Hitler notoriously violated the Treaty of Versailles (which had ended WWI) and set off WWII. So while Drake’s intentions with that line were (sort of) in the right place, as far as rap-beef posturing goes, the execution was all types of wrong and can only mean two things: Drake should have paid better attention at Degrassi High and during his re-Bar Mitzvah studies. Oy vey!

Drake Accidentally Compared Himself to Hitler on New Song