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Ellen DeGeneres Tells Eric Trump She’s Not Part of ‘Deep State’; Explains Twitter

Ellen DeGeneres has a lot of Twitter followers, some 76.7 million and counting. But you know who isn’t following her? President Trump’s son Eric. In fact, he believes that Twitter only wants him to follow DeGeneres’s account because of the “deep state” — a group of shadowy civil servants that Eric believes are working to undermine the current administration. If the #DeepState conspiracy were true, DeGeneres would be in good company, as other members include Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. However, in a preview clip for her Thursday talk show, DeGeneres denies her involvement.

Addressing Eric through her monologue, Ellen says, “I’m honored that you think I’m powerful enough to be part of a government conspiracy.” She adds that even if she wanted to be part of the mission, she is just too busy. “I’ve got my gay agenda meetings on Monday, and on Wednesday Beyoncé and I host an illuminati brunch,” she quips. Because Ellen is a nice and helpful person, she also takes the time to explain the non-deep-state reasons why Twitter might suggest he follow her, like the fact that many of the people he follows are already doing so. Also, she posts a lot of cute animal content, and who doesn’t want to see that?

Ellen DeGeneres to Eric Trump: ‘I’m Not Part of Deep State’