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Fake Wolf Blitzer Accepts Trump’s Fake News Award, Which Is Also a Fake, on Behalf of CNN

President Trump’s first annual Fake News Awards went off with many a hitch Wednesday evening, and if you disagree with that statement, remember to nominate this post for the Fakies 2018! To celebrate everyone who excelled in producing the Most Dishonest and Corrupt Media about Trump last year, 90 percent of which the GOP website alleges was negative coverage, a clearly fake, kind of salty Wolf Blitzer stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! tonight to accept CNN’s Fake News Award. It’s not easy to constantly fabricate news, but it’s all worth it when you get to not hold that fake trophy in your imposter hand. Better luck next year, haters and losers!

Fake Wolf Blitzer Accepts Trump’s Fake News Award on Kimmel