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8 Actresses Are Bringing Activists As Their Dates to the Golden Globes

Photo: Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

For some Hollywood actresses, their significant others will take a backseat at this year’s Golden Globes to give the spotlight to a more political cause. Per the New York Times, eight actresses — Laura Dern, Amy Poehler, Susan Sarandon, Meryl Streep, Emma Stone, Emma Watson, Michelle Williams and Shailene Woodley — will forgo walking with a companion on the red carpet in favor of escorting female activists who embody the spirit of the Time’s Up movement currently taking Hollywood by storm. These eight activists represent a wonderful range of fields and specializations, such as Tarana Burke, the founder of the #MeToo movement, and Billie Jean King, who founded the Women’s Tennis Association. “We believe we are nearing a tipping point in transforming the culture of violence in the countries where we live and work,” the women said in a joint statement. “It’s a moment to transform both the written and unwritten rules that devalue the lives and experiences of women.”

Additionally, numerous actors and actresses at this evening’s ceremony are expected to wear all-black outfits out of solidarity with victims of sexual assault and harassment, as well as small monochromatic pins that bear the Time’s Up logo.

Actresses Bringing Activists As Their Golden Globes Dates