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Hayley Atwell Apologizes to Dylan Farrow for Working With Woody Allen, Unlike Some Men

Atwell. Photo: Tim P. Whitby/Tim P. Whitby/ Getty Images for BFI London Film Festival

Hayley Atwell has joined the growing chorus of actors denouncing their work with Woody Allen (Diane Keaton and Alec Baldwin excluded, of course). In an interview with the Guardian, Atwell said she worked with Allen on her first film, 2007’s Cassandra’s Dream, but that she “didn’t feel directed by him at all.” She described the experience as “bizarre” for how cold it was, explaining that she had no relationship with him whatsoever during the process and also had no prior knowledge of the accusations of sexual abuse against his daughter when she made the film.

“Would I work with him now? No. And I stand in solidarity with his daughter and offer an apology to her if my contribution to his work has caused her suffering or made her feel dismissed in any way,” she said, adding that in the wake of #MeToo, “It’s exciting that I can say this now and I’m not going to be blacklisted.” Dylan Farrow has thanked Atwell for her support. Later in the interview, when asked about working with Ewan McGregor on an upcoming film, Atwell slipped in a reminder of their shared history with a certain director: “Ewan was in the Woody Allen film too, so it was a bit of a reunion.”

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