lady bird

Warm Your Icy, Jaded Heart With This Video of Greta Gerwig Directing Lady Bird

Photo: Vimeo/A24

Gather ’round Greta Gerwig stans and very baller members of the Lady Bird fan club: Vimeo has exclusive footage of Gerwig on set directing the Golden Globe winner. In an accompanying interview, Gerwig describes her DIY film school from working as an actress in her 20s. Lady Bird, which was also written by Gerwig, shares elements of her personal history — she’s from Sacramento and went to Catholic school — but she was set on making a movie about a mother-daughter relationship. It was only when she felt totally confident in the script that she decided to direct. “I think in some ways I just continually learn to just trust that movies are big projects. They involve a lot of people and a lot time and they’re unyielding,” she told Vimeo. “And you can’t panic when these things come up. You have to know that there’s kind of a crazy movie logic that will figure itself out.” The best part is never-before-seen footage of Gerwig on set, directing Saoirse Ronan and Lucas Hedges as Lady Bird and Danny in a scene of pure, goofy teen love. Watch it here.

See Heartwarming Footage of Greta Gerwig Directing Lady Bird