Howie Mandel Relives His Germophobic Nightmare on ‘This Is Not Happening’

Season 4 of This Is Not Happening premieres on Comedy Central this Friday with new host Roy Wood Jr., and the network gave us a clip from the one-hour premiere to get you excited. The theme of the first episode of “Filth,” so it’s only right that the show would include a story from famous germophobe Howie Mandel, and consider yourself warned: Mandel’s story is very gross no matter how you feel about germs. It involves a road trip with his baby daughter, a complicated plan to get her to pee on the side of the Ventura Freeway, fluids of both the bodily and sewage variety, and a shameful climb up a ravine. “It’s not fucking funny! This is true. This happened, this fucking happened!” Catch the rest when the season 4 This Is Not Happening premiere airs on Comedy Central Friday night at midnight.

Howie Mandel Relives His Germophobic Nightmare on […]