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Idris Elba Says It’s Time for a Black Bond, a Female Bond or, Best-Case Scenario, a Black Female Bond

Remember when Idris Elba talked about wanting to play James Bond, then was constantly asked about playing James Bond until he had to repeatedly say he would probably never play James Bond to get us all to move on from all the James Bond questions? Well, it’s 2018 and a new era has begun! In a recent interview with Variety, Elba revisited the topic of 007 to express his fervent hope that the long-running spy franchise eventually looks beyond the character’s classically white male casting. “It could be a woman. It could be a black woman. It could be a white woman,” the actor explained. “I think that character? Everybody would like to see them do something different with it.” Said Elba with a smile, “Why not?” Of course, you have a little time to get your dream casting picks in order: Daniel Craig still has one more Bond film on his plate.

Idris Elba Says It’s Time for a Black or Female James Bond