‘It Took Me Years to Believe in My Talents Again": Read This Twitter Exchange Between Megan Ganz and Dan Harmon

It’s not easy to confront a powerful man who once belittled, sexually harassed, or assaulted you in the workplace – especially if the experience made you question your talents or affected your sense of self-worth and/or career path for years to come (and, of course, those experiences always do). So that’s why it’s so powerful to see this Twitter exchange that TV writer Megan Ganz started after her former Community boss Dan Harmon decided to tweet out this message on New Year’s Eve:

A little context: The tension between Ganz and Harmon has been vague but fairly well-documented since she was a writer on Community from seasons 2-4, like when Ganz responded to multiple instances of Harmon insulting season 4 (see some examples here and here). While it’s unclear what exactly transpired between Ganz and Harmon during their time together on Community, Ganz took Harmon’s New Year’s Eve tweet as an opportunity to make Harmon acknowledge his own behavior and at least partially clear the air about Harmon creating what sounds like a very difficult and inappropriate working environment for Ganz. Here’s the exchange:

Months after Ganz left Community in 2013, she told us in an interview that while Community was still her favorite show, “I hope a few years from now that I can start talking to Dan again and have there not be any weird feelings.” (Ganz would go on to write for Modern Family, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and The Last Man on Earth and had her own animated pilot for FX in 2015.) While it’s clear that Ganz is still working to fix the damage that was caused by Harmon during her time as a Community writer, it’s incredibly encouraging to see the #MeToo movement empower women like her to address men like Harmon directly instead of being afraid to share their experiences publicly. (These appear to be the subtweets Harmon referred to, which shed a little more light on the situation.) The fact that Harmon apologized, took responsibility, and seems to be taking everything Ganz shared to heart is also a promising bonus.

‘It Took Me Years to Believe in My Talents Again": […]