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Jon Hamm Has a Lot of Questions in the New Beirut Trailer

In the new trailer for his upcoming drama Beirut, Jon Hamm’s character, Mason Giles, returns to Lebanon in 1982, ten years after the murder of his wife at the behest of the CIA. There, he will have to negotiate with a terrorist organization for the return of a friend, and to do that, he’ll need to ask questions. A lot of questions, especially for one trailer. Questions like, “Maybe one of you can tell me what I’m doing here?”; “What does he want me to do?”; “What do you want?”; and “Do you think they want to save Cal, or do they want to save the information?” Rosamund Pike’s character warns, “That’s an ugly question.” Meanwhile, we already know what your question is: Beirut is currently scheduled to debut in theaters on April 13.

Jon Hamm Has a Lot of Questions in the Beirut Trailer