Jordan Klepper Chats with Former Mexican President Vicente Fox on ‘The Opposition’

Here’s a clip from last night’s The Opposition, where Jordan Klepper sits down with former Mexican President Vicente Fox to discuss Donald Trump’s racist comments against Mexicans and the border wall and why he’s taken it upon himself to speak out against Trump on Twitter.  “Is a former head of state trolling another head of state on Twitter with coarse language – is that the way to go about it? Is that respectable? Is that the way a president should act?” Klepper asks. “Well, not for a president, but it is for a former president,” Fox says, later adding, “When you move from business and private sector into politics, you have to go through a process. This guy doesn’t have any idea of the difference between running a nation and running a business – he’s only a mediocre businessman.” Check out part 2 of the interview below, where Fox tells Klepper about his love for the States: “I love this nation. America’s great. It’s already great, and it will keep on being great – as soon as you get rid of this guy.”

Jordan Klepper Chats with Former Mexican President […]