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Late-Night Hosts Roast Trump for Maybe Not Knowing the Words to the National Anthem

The College Football Playoff National Championship kicked off on Monday, as football games usually do, with the national anthem. This time, President Trump was there in the stadium to lead the country in singing some (emphasis on “some”) of the words. Late-night hosts had a field day with video footage of the game in which Trump appears to mumble through the iconic lyrics to the “Star-Spangled Banner” (a song, it should be noted, he is very into talking about).

“Oh my God, Donald Trump sings the national anthem the way the rest of us sing Despacito,” Seth Meyers quipped during his “Closer Look” segment. The Late Night host added, “Seriously, how can you be president and not know the words to the national anthem? That’s like Peyton Manning not knowing the words to the Nationwide jingle.”

The Late Show went another way, offering Trump’s “isolated vocals.” From Trump’s movements, it looks like he was saying “Boobs shake and butt stuff,” instead of the usual “whose broad stripes and bright stars.” What exactly was Trump doing when Whitney Houston taught the rest of us how the “Star-Spangled Banner” ought to be sung?

Late-Night Mocks Trump for Stumbling Through National Anthem