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Late-Night Hosts Campaign for Trump’s ‘Stupid People’s Choice’ Dishonest Media Awards

Colbert’s campaign has started out strong. Photo: CBS

Earlier this week, after threatening North Korea with nuclear war, Donald Trump announced that he would be holding an awards ceremony for the “dishonest” and “corrupt” media, at specifically 5 o’clock on Monday, either a.m. or p.m., and the location is apparently TBD. The next day, the late-night shows got a chance to respond to Trump’s surprise addition to awards season, mostly by being excited at the prospect of winning something.

On The Late Show, Stephen Colbert revealed that he took out a for-your-consideration billboard for the awards in Times Square, noting that his show was hoping to be nominated in all categories, including “Outstanding Achievement in Parroting George Soros’s Talking Points,” “Least Breitbarty,” and “Smallest Button.”

“Sounds like somebody’s been in the White House laundry room eating Tide pods again,” Jimmy Kimmel said in response to Trump’s tweet about the media awards, joking that “the Stupid People’s Choice Awards are what they’re calling it.” “On one hand, he loves awards and trophies, but will he be physically able to give a trophy to someone other than himself?” Kimmel wondered. “I don’t think so.”

Trevor Noah summarized Trump’s Tuesday-night tweetstorm with: “After provoking North Korea and then insulting Palestine, the president turned to America’s greatest foe: the fake-news media.” Noah also included a fake ad reel for the (possibly fake) fake media awards, featuring clips of Trump insulting journalists. “The bad news, he’s itching to start nuclear war,” Noah said. “The good news is, despite his threats to North Korea, he thinks we’re going to make it till Monday.”

Late-Night Responds to Trump’s Dishonest Media Awards