Logan Paul Is Going to Spare Us All From His Videos for a Little While

Phew. Photo: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

First comes the apology, then comes the hiatus. In keeping with the unwritten rules of YouTube disgrace, Logan Paul has announced a sabbatical from his channel because he’s “taking time to reflect” on his sins. Those sins being a video that showed an apparent suicide victim whose body he and his friends discovered in Japan’s “suicide forest” and proceeded to turn into a spectacle in the name of “suicide awareness and prevention,” and clicks. Following a monsoon of moral outrage from his internet peers and many celebrities, Paul took down the video, issued a few apologies saying that he didn’t deserve to be forgiven or defended, and will now make himself scarce, ending a year-and-a-half-long daily vlogging streak viewed by millions. But beware: He’ll “see you soon.”

Logan Paul Is Taking a YouTube Hiatus