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MoviePass Announces New Plan to Partner With Distributors to Acquire Movies

Photo: LOIC VENANCE/AFP/Getty Images

Well, if some movie theaters didn’t like MoviePass’s stupidly reasonable ticket rates, they might like their latest plan even less. The subscription service announced at Sundance on Thursday that it intends to partner with film distributors to co-acquire movies via their new subsidiary, MoviePass Ventures. “Given the success we have demonstrated for our distributor partners in ensuring strong box office in the theatrical window, it’s only natural for us to double down and want to play alongside them — and share in the upside,” MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe said of the decision. Variety also reports that MoviePass intends to eventually “release films across other platforms, including streaming, DVD, and on-demand,” presumably in an attempt to get a piece of that sweet, sweet Netflix pie.

MoviePass Announces New Plan to Acquire Movies