If There Must Be a Bright Sequel, Can Chance the Rapper Just Write It?


Despite lackluster reviews, Will Smith’s buddy cop Orc film, Bright, is officially getting a sequel. Netflix has confirmed that Smith, Joel Edgerton, and director David Ayer will all return. Max Landis, who penned the original screenplay that sparked a bidding war, however, will not be back; Ayer is instead writing the sequel’s script. Hopefully a consultant on that script will be Chance the Rapper, who tweeted his own review of the film with some thoughtful consideration for how the film attempted to be an allegory for race relations. That’s right: Will Smith, fairies, Orcs, and racism — this soon-t0-be franchise has it all! Netflix reports that Bright was the highest-viewed original film in its first week of release in the service’s history, so good going, guys.

Netflix Is Giving Will Smith’s Bright a Sequel