Sorry (Or Yay?), There Will Be No Donald Trump Jokes at the Golden Globes This Year

Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for Worldwide Orpha

It appears Seth Meyers won’t be trying to pull a Jimmy “Didn’t Get the Act Together” Kimmel. Speaking with THR in anticipation of his Golden Globes hosting duties on Sunday evening, Meyers admitted that he has zero desire to turn the evening into a political roast for a certain man who rhymes with Schmonald Schump. Can we blame him? “I’m reserving the right to change my mind,” he explained. “But especially this year with everything that’s happened in Hollywood, it seems far more important to have the focus there as opposed to anything that’s happening in Washington.”

Meyers has prepared, however, a topical monologue and comments about the post–Harvey Weinstein fallout in Hollywood — but he still wouldn’t mind some Schump social-media agitation, anyway. “If he tweets that he’s disappointed we didn’t bring him up, I’d be thrilled,” he said. “That would fly in the face of what currently he believes is the problem, which is that we won’t stop talking about him.” Silver Blocks, Sunday at 8:00 p.m.!

No Donald Trump Jokes at the Golden Globes This Year