Paddington 2 Bear-Crawls to a Perfect Score on Rotten Tomatoes

Time to break out the marmalade, which is, of course, booze for bears. According to Deadline, director Paul King’s Paddington 2 has taken the distinction once held by Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird of being the film with the highest Rotten Tomatoes score ever: a perfect 100 percent. As of today, the film has 167 positive reviews and not a single detractor. (Lady Bird is currently holding steady at 99 percent, having received one negative review.) “The film gets progressively funnier and more delightful as it goes on,” Emily Yoshida said of Paddington 2 in her Vulture review. “King layers plenty of good-natured comedy on top of each daring escape and chase scene, stretching probability and sometimes patience near the end, but each new hitch and escape feels like an act of invention.” Of course, a negative critique could still come along and knock Paddington down a few pegs, but if that critic looks anything like Hugh Grant, the site should probably just toss it out.

Paddington 2 Bear-Crawls to a Perfect Rotten Tomatoes Score