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Rachel Brosnahan Says She Betrayed Her Own Convictions by Working With Woody Allen

Rachel Brosnahan. Photo: David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Image

One by one, actors and actresses have started expressing regret for working with Woody Allen, who stands accused by his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow of molesting her when she was a child. Today, Rachel Brosnahan talked with The Hollywood Reporter about her experience working with Allen on his Amazon series Crisis in Six Scenes, and what she would do differently today. “Look, I had a great experience working on that project,” Brosnahan told THR on its Awards Chatter podcast, before adding, “But I do have to take this opportunity to say that, for me, I have really struggled with the decision to do that project for a long time.” In the past few weeks, Rebecca Hall, Greta Gerwig, Mira Sorvino, and David Krumholtz have expressed regret about working with Allen, despite Farrow’s claims being part of the public record for many years. Timothée Chalamet, who will appear in Allen’s next film, A Rainy Day in New York, has said he will donate his salary from the movie to the organizations Time’s Up, The LGBT Center in New York, and RAINN.

Brosnahan, who used her Golden Globes acceptance speech to advocate for more and better roles for women in film and television, additionally explained to THR how her choice to work with Allen is at odds with her politics on multiple levels. “Honestly, it’s the decision that I have made in my life that is the most inconsistent with everything I stand for and believe in, both publicly and privately,” she said. “And while I can’t take it back, it’s important to me, moving forward, to make decisions that better reflect the things that I value and my worldview.”

Rachel Brosnahan Has Struggled With Working for Woody Allen