Rose McGowan Slams Justin Timberlake for Doing Woody Allen Movie

Rose McGowan is leaving no stone unturned in her fight to hold Hollywood accountable for its systemic abuse. Appearing on The View, she explained why she tweeted that the all-black protest in support of the #MeToo movement at the Golden Globes was “Hollywood fakery.” “I might know something, just saying,” she told Joy Behar, stating that Time’s Up was started by four female CAA agents who “needed good PR.” While McGowan says she hopes their intentions are in good faith, she claims that at least one actor’s support for the initiative at the Globes was performative. “And then there’s Justin Timberlake hashtagging ‘my wife looks hot tonight #TimesUp,’” she said. McGowan said the more truthful tweet would’ve been “#IJustDidAMovieWithWoodyAllen.”

Last year, Timberlake appeared in Allen’s Wonder Wheel amid decades-long accusations that the director sexually abused his adoptive daughter Dylan Farrow; last week, Farrow tweeted at Timberlake for his hypocrisy. McGowan further discussed Timberlake’s show of support saying: “So c’mon, it is fake. I wish it weren’t, I wish everybody was good. I’m sorry to puncture your heroes, but sometimes they need to be better.” Timberlake has so far not commented on his decision to work with Woody Allen, while his co-star on the film, Kate Winslet, recently alluded to having “some bitter regrets” about working with Allen.

Rose McGowan Slams Justin Timberlake for Woody Allen Movie