The Scandal–How to Get Away With Murder Crossover Will Have So Many Power Handbags

Photo: Entertainment Weekly/Mitch Haaseth/ABC

We know next to nothing about the upcoming Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder crossover on ABC, other than that it’ll apparently be full of some impressive power handbags. In a first-look photo from EW, Olivia and Annalise head into a boardroom together to discuss important matters about murders and/or scandals. Look at the pair of them, with their power bags, power struts, power stares, power heels, power tops, and power file folders. “It was black girl magic on steroids!” Viola Davis told EW. “Me and Kerry dancing to ‘Rock the Boat’? Hey, it can’t get any better.” The pair of episodes — Davis will appear on Scandal, and then Washington will appear on HTGAWM — will air on March 1.

The Scandal–HTGAWM Crossover Will Be Full of Power Handbags