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Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence Raise Awareness for Runaway Pet Turtles

In a joint interview with W magazine, super relatable actor Jennifer Lawrence and other super relatable actor Emma Stone reveal that they’re just as charming and down-to-earth together as they are apart. Sure, they both might have become famous as teenagers, scooped up major awards before their 30th birthdays, and shared the same weird “stalker,” but just like a couple of goofballs they mishear lyrics all the time.

They also both had experiences with cold-blooded escape artists.

When asked about her first kiss, Lawrence explains that she gave the smooch to the boy who helped find her lost turtle in the woods. Stone, as it turns out, also owned a turtle that “ran away.” “This is criminally undiscussed: turtles run away,” Stone explains straight to the camera. “Nobody discusses this, you have to keep your eye on your turtle,” Lawrence agrees. Words to live by.

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