Watch the First Trailer for Hereditary, Sundance’s Biggest Horror Hit

The Sundance Film Festival has reliably started producing some top-flight horror movies each year. The Witch premiered in Park City three years ago, and last year Get Out started its year-long march to the Oscars as a surprise midnight screening. This year, the big horror buzz has gathered around Hereditary, the first feature from writer and director Ari Aster. It stars Gabriel Byrne and Toni Collette as the father and mother grieving grieving a lost relative. From there, a terror starts to overtake the household as the daughter withdraws in the wake of the death, and the son gets involved in a second tragedy that pushes his family even closer to the brink. And as Vulture’s Kyle Buchanan reported during the fest, the whole production is sewn together by a harrowing performance by Collette. Hereditary arrives in theaters on June 8 for some summer screams.

Watch the First Trailer for Sundance Horror Smash Hereditary