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Seth Meyers Highlights the Many, Many Ways News Anchors Attempted to Say ‘Sh*thole’

Seth Meyers slammed Donald Trump’s reference to Haiti, El Savador, and African nations as “shithole countries” last night. “What Trump’s private comments reveal is that he doesn’t actually want a merit-based system at all. He wants a system that takes in more white people, and keeps out people of color,” Meyers said. He also highlighted the ridiculous predicament in which news anchors found themselves as they attempted to reference the word “shithole,” without actually saying it. In a glorious 40-second compilation, Meyers showed anchors from CNN, NBC, and Fox struggling with the word and using a variety of creative substitutions, including “s-hole,” “bleep-hole,” “blank-hole,” and “sink-hole.” Even Wolf Blitzer appeared to be stumped. “Oh my god, you managed to flummox Wolf Blitzer,” Meyers said. “Do you know how hard that is? He’s never been emotional in his life.” This whole situation is a real … shitshow.

The Many, Many Ways News Anchors Attempted to Say ‘Sh*thole’